The drawings were first displayed as part of the exhibition “Homage to a pencil: Josip Vaništa, Davor Vrankić and Duje Medić”, held in 2015 in the Josip Račić Studio of the Modern Gallery in Zagreb and hosted at the Gallery of Fine Arts in Osijek in the same year, with the addition of drawings by Adolf Waldinger, Osijek’s most renowned 19th century painter. The curator of the exhibition and the author of the concept “celebrating” pencil as art medium is Feđa Gavrilović.

Using a digital microscope, I took photos of my art studio and the objects found in it. The objects I observe and use on a daily basis were visible in an entirely new and different manner when using the microscope: the lens turned them into shadows and textures normally invisible to the naked eye. This instrument allowed me to explore my surroundings through their constituent matter and to observe them in an entirely detailed fashion. The produced photos served as the basis for my drawings, and the drawings themselves are essentially figurative, although they appear abstract at first glance.